" ... and whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." - Matthew 21:22

Recent Prayer Requests & Praises For Prayers Answered by Our Almighty God!

Faith In God Moves Mountains!!

Alice was told she had Cancer in the lung. After going thru tests it has been ruled out!
They think it possibly was pnemonia. We believe God Healed her!

Annie's grandson Matt had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer. After the biopsy was done it revealed no cancer. Thank you God!


... Here's a letter concerning the niece of one of HVCC's family members -her name is Lauren.
Lauren is a 29 year old - young woman who suffered two strokes on Sunday, July 18, 2010 after an extended time of intense migraines.
The church has been praying for her and the family throughout. The following letter was written on August 12th as a follow up ...

"Hi everyone, As promised, here I am again. I am sitting in the cafeteria at Penrose Main while Lauren is working away in Occupational Therapy. I have been thinking about something someone said to me the other day when they described what has happened as Lauren's tragedy. As I pondered that I realized we need to change the last five letters of that word and call this Lauren's triumph. The healthcare professionals she comes into contact with cannot believe what she went through less than four weeks ago. When she had her appointment with the cardiologist two days ago, she was sitting cross-legged on the examination table when he walked in. He looked at her and asked if she was the same person he had seen in the hospital a few days after her strokes. I can't wait for her appointment on Monday when she walks into the neurologist's office and sees him for the first time in almost four weeks. He was the one who told us she shouldn't be able to sit up after what happened to her. There are difficulties obviously. She is self-conscious about her voice which she describes as funny and she doesn't want to speak to people that she doesn't know as she is afraid they will assume there is something wrong with her. She also doesn't have as many filters on what she says as she did previously. She told me in the car on the way over here that she just has to say what is on her mind. She is able to stop herself from saying really embarrassing things (thank goodness, right Andrea??) but she certainly says a lot more than she would have before. She also has lability which means she cries and laughs a lot - sometimes without cause. It's not too bad unless she has caffeine which we have discovered is a bad combination!!! Her right hand is still shaky but she is having therapy for that and her speech will also improve. She may not sound exactly the same as before but we believe she will be the new, improved version. I sit and pray for her every night and last night she wanted to pray too. Her prayer consisted of thanks to God for what has happened to her and how he has been with her (and me!) every second of the way. She told me that after this she KNOWS God is real without a shadow of a doubt. I feel the same. There is no human explanation for how well she is doing and this does not fit in with evolution's survival of the fittest!! I need to head back to rehab but I wanted to pass on these thoughts. Oh, my brother-in-law, Fran, had asked if Lauren has had any migraines since her strokes. She has not and today she was talking about how much better she feels and would rather have had the strokes than the continuous migraines! Again, she doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for her as, even though this is hard, she knows she is being sustained by God at a level that she has never experienced before. I call that a triumph! Love to you all, Gillian"


We were praying for a 4 month little boy -Levi- who had open heart surgery and was not responding well. 
His heart has started beating and he is now doing better. 

Scott had miraculous results after his cancer surgery. What was to be stage 4, Jesus changed it to stage 1.
He was back in church within 2 weeks,praising God.

Anton was able to enjoy his trip to Germany after his surgery. God granted him extraordinary strength to travel to all the places he had hoped to go.

Clara never had a moments pain from her cataract surgery and her eyesight is restored.

We have been praying for Tony - Pat's son-in-law regarding his business situation - and after prayer his business situation has been resolved peacefully!

We thank God and His Blessings for Ginny's daughter Michelle and the birth of her baby - many thanks for the prayers.
The baby arrived early and both mom and baby are doing well.

We thank God for Joe and Jay's recovery from heart problems

Several people have had cancer and we have prayed for each.
Cina is doing very well, no need for chemo.
Scott went through chemo and radiation without any side effects. He is praising the Lord!
Marie had bone cancer and is in remission. Her husband gave his life to the Lord!
Mark has been healed of cancer. We thank God for His miraculous healing's.

Anton is back in church after extensive surgery.
Amber and newborn baby, Jubilee are home and doing well.

We continue to pray for Alice who is waiting to have a kidney transplant and currently getting all kinds of blood tests.

We pray for a miracle healing for Leigh Ann who has stage four cancer.

Church member Jay is rushed to hospital - chest pains undergoes surgery for quadruple bypass - all pray for healing and quick recovery!

* We are praying for a handicap ramp for access to HVCC - turned down initially by City - due to Historical considerations.

*Church member has pocket book stolen from grocery store in Montgomery - congregation prays for recovery.


Eph. 5:20 "Giving thanks always for all things unto God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."